International Safety Equipment Association

Staff | September 28, 2010

To make it easier for organizations involved with worker safety to find expert speakers on a variety of safety equipment topics, specific as well as general, ISEA (International Safety Equipment Association) is launching its Speakers' Bureau. According to ISEA President Dan Shipp, "ISEA member company specialists know more about safety equipment than anyone else. Our clearinghouse will enable those seeking speakers to link up via ISEA's website,, with experts to address gathering large and small." General topics include safety equipment standards, certification and regulation; making the business case for personal protective equipment; how to conduct a workplace safety audit; protecting workers in various industries; new trends in worker protection; and public policies that affect safety equipment use. Specific topics cover various types of safety equipment and the standards that apply to them. For more information, contact Joe Walker at (703) 525-1695 or