Interchange Project Recognized

September 28, 2010

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and its partners Telegraph Tomorrow, the Detroit Regional Gateway Advisory Council, Michigan legislators, city officials, and the general public were recognized as a national partnering model of excellence by the National partnership for Highway Quality (NPHQ). Recently, NPHQ presented MDOT with the “2008 Making A Difference – Partnering” award for the Interstate 94/US-24 Single Point Interchange with Modified Tied Arch Bridges Project.

Before partnering, the project scope was limited to an in-kind rebuild of the existing interchange and reconstruction of Interstate 94 and US-24 but did not address left entrance ramp safety concerns, low under clearance of bridges or area aesthetics.

After partnering, the project scope was revised to include 4 miles of freeway reconstruction and alignment, interchange reconstruction, concrete pavement and shoulders, eight bridge replacements (two were Modified Tied Arch bridges), one bridge rehabilitation, new freeway lighting, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) replacement, a detention pond, signing, storm sewer, new pump station, guardrail, and pavement markings.

From concept to construction, the project was developed with input from all groups. Public investment of road improvements by MDOT helped spur $76 million in private investment. Arch bridge changes created an estimated $2 million in savings. All of this was due to partnering.

“The MDOT partnership created a destination statement for the Interstate 94/US-24 corridors,” said Bob Templeton, NPHQ executive director. “It was successful due to the partners involved. This project also demonstrates that public/private partnerships can create increased value and investment for state projects. MDOT's inclusion of partners in the beginning helped make it a success in the end.”

NPHQ is a national coalition of public highway agencies, industry organizations and private firms founded in 1992 as the National Quality Initiative. For more than 15 years, NPHQ continues to be the only national program that brings public highway agencies and private industry together to combine their expertise and to cooperatively lead the advancement in highway quality, safety and service to highway users.