Integrated Roadways Smart Pavement Kicks ‘Dumb Roads’ To The Curb

May 6, 2016

Startland News reports that Kansas City-based Integrated Roadways recently secured a U.S. patent for its “smart pavement” that transforms humdrum roads into the network for the mobile Internet of Things. The smart pavement system features embedded components that provide connected cars wireless connectivity on roads, highways and interstates.

The patent primarily covers Integrated Roadways’ processes to join two concrete slabs via dowel bars that more effectively transfers loads between them, according to founder Tim Sylvester. The method creates a continuous, prefabricated pavement system that offers a good ride quality. The company also has a patent on the design to the concrete slabs.

“We need to change ever-so-slightly how we think about roads,” Sylvester said. “Change it from ‘a hard flat thing that just kind of sits there’ into ‘a hard flat thing that just kind of sits there, but has cool stuff inside it that makes it possible to do new things, too.’”

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