Installing A New Pump Station

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

Installation of a new sanitary sewer lift station that will service the west side of Novi is expected to be completed by the end of this month. The project began in April. Midwest Power Systems, of Milford, is the prime contractor for the project. The new lift station will increase sewage processing capacity for that portion of the city.

The project has included installing pumps, a valve pit, valves, apparatuses, force main work, and construction of a building for the generator and controls. Superior Excavating, of Auburn Hills, did the excavation and installation of the wet well and valve chamber, and excavation for the diversion chamber. Tru Wall Construction Company, Inc., of Wixom, cast-in-place the diversion chamber. Midwest Power Systems performed all of the mechanical and electrical work.

"The structures are 45 feet deep. Usually we set our own structures, but these structures were so large that we had to call Superior to come and set them for us," Brent Canup, owner of Midwest Power Systems, said.

Canup said that the 45-foot depth is unusual. "Most of what we build is in the 25-foot to 30-foot depth," Canup said. Canup pointed out that these structures are 45 feet deep in order to provide more capacity. The wastewater will be routed to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department wastewater treatment plant.

The contract amount for the project is $650,000. The project is being done for the city of Novi.

"They expanded the sewer district because the new Providence Hospital is going to come online and they will have an extensive increase in flows. So, they needed a new lift station in order to handle all of that flow," Canup said. He added that new developments on the west side of Novi also need the increased capacity. Canup said that the new lift station will handle over 1 million gallons per day.

Canup said that Midwest Power Systems' jobsite safety program parallels the Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association's (MITA) safety program.

"We have to make sure that we have the proper shoring and we have to have the correct excavation," Canup said.

Superior Excavating has safety meetings on a weekly basis and employees attend the MITA SuperConference every year.


Project: Installation of a new sanitarysewer lift station for Novi

Prime contractor: Midwest Power Systems,of Milford

Cost: $650,000