Ingersoll Rand's Attachments

Staff | September 28, 2010

The line of Ingersoll Rand attachments has expanded with the introduction of several new attachments available for use on any manufacturer’s skid-steer loader or compact track loader. Ingersoll Rand experience from decades of leadership and innovation in attachments is incorporated into the new compact attachments.

First to be introduced in the range of Ingersoll Rand compact attachments are the box blade, pallet forks, industrial grapples and three compact bucket configurations, including general purpose buckets, heavy-duty buckets, and combination buckets in a variety of sizes.

Box Blade
The Ingersoll Rand hydraulic box blade has been designed for rough grading applications with the ability to fill in low spots and carry material to bring the surface close to grade. The 32-inch high blade has a reversible cutting edge that can be flipped over when the wear limit is reached. The moldboard allows for grading an 84-inch wide pass. Foam-filled tires are standard on the BSX-210 for added flotation on the job.

Industrial Grapples
Six models of Ingersoll Rand industrial grapples are available for easy and secure handling of a variety of hard-to-handle or bulky, uneven loads in any industrial or construction environment. The hydraulically controlled grapples have two independent cylinders that allow the user to grapple odd-shaped objects. The grapple attachments are easy to operate, and the inertia-welded cylinders and hydraulic cushioning provide smooth and consistent clamshell operation. Four grapple models are available in widths ranging from 60 to 80 inches. There are two grapple forks available in widths of 66 and 78 inches.

Pallet Forks
Ingersoll Rand pallet forks facilitate the moving of bulky and palletized materials around the jobsite. Visibility is excellent during loading and movement of material due to a back screen designed with large, triangular cut-outs. The back screen is made from durable, heavy-gauge steel for long-life.

Both models of Ingersoll Rand pallet forks have a 46-inch fork frame. Models FOR-42 and FOR-48 offer respective tool lengths of 42 and 48 inches. An adjustment knob easily repositions the forks and locks them securely in place. The attachment has a step that can be repositioned to either side of the fork frame.

General Purpose Buckets
Ingersoll Rand general purpose buckets are ideal for intermittent and light-duty applications. Five different sized models are available; meeting various needs on the job, with buckets from 50 to 74 inches wide and with SAE heaped capacities of 8.5 to 12.7 cubic feet. All of these buckets include a 3/8 x 6-inch high-carbon steel cutting edge for extended wear and longer life. A rounded inside back design enhances bucket loading and clean-out, while a flat back plate assures secure attachment to the loader. An integrated step provides safe and easy cab accessibility.

Heavy-duty Buckets
Heavy-duty buckets from Ingersoll Rand offermore features for severe-duty use, including side cutting edges, high visibility and a bolt-on corner cutting edge. Five models, in widths ranging from 68 to 88 inches, offer SAE heaped capacities from 18.8 to 24.8 cubic feet. All of these buckets include a 3/8 x 8-inch high-carbon steel cutting edge and 3/8-inch thick side cutting edges for extended wear and longer life in tough digging situations. A double-wall top channel cross member welded inside Ingersoll Rand heavy-duty buckets enhances rigidity, while a low heel simplifies cutting grade and back dragging. An inside rounded back design enhances bucket loading and clean-out, and a flat back plate assures secure attachment to the loader. An integrated step provides safe and easy cab accessibility.

Combination Buckets
Ingersoll Rand combination buckets are available in four different sizes for leveling, dozing, digging, grappling, loading and dumping in construction, demolition and municipal applications. Inertia-welded cylinders and hydraulic cushioning provide smooth and consistent clamshell operation, and the load is held securely in the bucket by interlocking, serrated grapple edges. The clamshell design provides a height advantage when loading trucks not otherwise reachable with a conventional tipping bucket. The geometry of the combination bucket is designed for optimal digging and high visibility to the front cutting edge. High-carbon steel cutting edges resist wear and ensure a long working life. Optional bolt-on teeth and cutting edges provide greater digging capability.