Infrastructure Funding Detour

September 27, 2017
Trump says certain partnerships between private sector and federal government don’t work.

The Washington Post reports that President Trump told lawmakers Tuesday he was abandoning a key element of his planned $1 trillion infrastructure package, complaining that certain partnerships between the private sector and federal government simply don’t work.

Trump’s comments were described by a House Democrat who met with Trump and confirmed by a White House official.

During Tuesday's meeting with Democrats from the House Ways and Means Committee, Trump “emphatically rejected what everybody assumed was his position relative to financing infrastructure,” said Rep. Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.), who attended and asked Trump about the proposal. “He dismissed it categorically and said it doesn’t work.”

The administration's new approach is to force states and localities to foot most of the bill. During last fall's campaign, the promised $1 trillion infrastructure package counted on private investors with federal backing.

Higgins said the president indicated the administration now wants to pay for infrastructure improvements through direct federal spending by either paying for projects with new tax revenue or taking on debt, which would likely reduce the anticipated $1 trillion investment.

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