Industry Watch

Staff | September 28, 2010

Eugene, Ore.— Papé Machinery's product support team has created a list of top equipment maintenance tips. The tips are intended to increase customer safety, as well as the longevity and productivity of equipment.

"Equipment maintenance should be performed during the daily visual inspection, before starting a piece of equipment," said Jim Carter, new products engineer for Papé Machinery. "Making equipment maintenance part of your daily routine will help prevent equipment breakdowns."

Papé's Tips for Equipment Maintenance:

  • Check all fluid levels;
  • Check all bolted joints;
  • Ensure there are no cracks in welded joints;
  • Make sure all pinned joint retainers are in place;
  • Ensure fresh grease is visible at all greased joints;
  • Check the cooling system's airflow path;
  • Check steering to ensure it's operating properly;
  • Clean cab windshields and windows; and
  • Make sure all steps, walkways and handles are in good repair.