I'm Stuck and I Can't Get Up!

May 20, 2016

Google has patented a new safety feature with their autonomous cars in mind.

The new safety system is an adhesive front end that glues pedestrians to the car in the event of an accident to prevent them bouncing off and further hurting themselves.

Gizmag.com reports on the idea, suggesting the system be named "Gloogle," and says an adhesive layer would be installed into the hood and front side panels of self-driving cars. The sticky layer would have an eggshell-like thin coating that would break on impact if the car hit a pedestrian, then release the adhesive. The pedestrian would then be instantly glued to the hood of the car, safe from a secondary impact.

By keeping the person stuck to the car, Google hopes to avoid any secondary impacts the person might receive by being thrown into traffic.

The inventors, Alex Khaykin and Daniel Lynn Larner, both Google employees, have been awarded their patent #: US009340178 but there is no word when this new safety system may become available.

Source: gizmag.com; US Patent Office