Illinois Transportation System Suffers From ‘Tunnel Vision’, IDOT Chief Says

September 3, 2015

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Secretary Randy Blackenhorn criticized Illinois’ approach to its transportation system for being too narrowly focused and outdated, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Blackenhorn, who took over as the secretary of IDOT seven months ago, said government transportation officials are failing to see the bigger picture of what needs to be done with condition of state roads and bridges.

Blackenhorn believes government officials need to follow the lead of private-sector innovators and technology companies and completely rethink their approach to transportation, reported the Tribune.

Generating public input was another strong recommendation from Blackenhorn to understand how Illinois residents are affected by the state’s outdated infrastructure.

HOV lanes are also not the solution to Illinois' transportation issues, according to Blackenhorn. Instead, he advised creating express toll lanes on I-290 or I-55, with the amount of toll varying depending on the time of day and traffic congestion, the Tribune reported.