Illinois May Be First State in the Nation to Charge Drivers By the Mile

April 13, 2016

How's this: A one-half cent per mile tax for road maintenance and the pleasure of driving in Illinois.

In the continuing effort to squeeze money out of Illinois residents to pay off decades of financial mismanagement by state and local politicians - a practice still continuing in full force today - Illinois lawmakers are considering taxing drivers by the mile to pay for road maintenance.

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton made the initial pay-by-the-mile tax proposal and said that he wants Illinois to be the first state in the country to make these changes.

Cullerton maintains that since cars are more fuel efficient now, the state is losing money on gas tax revenue used to maintain the roads. Worse are all those environmentally conscious citizens with electric cars. "If all the cars were electric, there would be no money for the roads," Cullerton said.

The proposal is that Illinois drivers would use a devise to track their mileage, and tax them by the mile. This could be done two ways:

First, drivers could have a device put on their cars that tracks when they’re in Illinois and charge a tax for every mile driven in the state.

Or drivers who do not want a state controlled tracking device in their cars could go for a flat tax of one and a half cent per mile based on traveling 30,000 miles a year.

Cullerton plans to create a commission to work on the specifics of the proposal but doesn't seeing any taxing happening for a couple of years.

What say they fix the roads our taxes have already paid for. Then we'll talk.

Source: Daily Hearld