Hydrotex, Donaldson Collaborate on Precision Fuel Management Program

September 11, 2015

Hydrotex, a manufacturer and distributor of lubricant and fuel-improver solutions, has collaborated with Donaldson Clean Fuel Solutions to create its Precision Fuel Management program for diesel-powered fleets. The program brings together Donaldson filters and desiccant breathers with Hydrotex fuel improvers and the company’s Diesel Dialysis and Diesel Fuel Quality testing and mapping capabilities.

According to John Cummins, vice president of technology for Hydrotex, the Precision Fuel Management program is a total fuel-management process with the goal of providing fuel with an ISO-4406 cleanliness rating of 14/13/11 at the dispensing nozzle, which, according to Hydrotex, is 200 times cleaner than fuel typically delivered by bulk tanker to an end user.

“With the Precision Fuel Management program,” says Cummins, “fleet operators will see an increase in vehicle and equipment reliability, even in cold weather operations, as well as a reduction in cost for injector and fuel-system maintenance and on-board fuel filters. Hydrotex takes a holistic approach to the entire fuel system, beginning with the bulk tank.”

Improperly treated and inadequately filtered ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel and B5 blends (with up to 5 percent bio-fuel), according to Hydrotex, can cause deposits both on the injection-nozzle tip and inside the nozzle, resulting in sticking injectors that over-fuel the engine with subsequent lubrication-oil dilution and possible turbocharger damage. Cummins notes that oil analysis can indicate up to 10 percent fuel content resulting from sticking injectors.

Integral with the Precision Fuel Management program is the Hydrotex online Diesel Fuel Quality interactive reporting system. Once fuel samples complete eight screening tests, results are submitted to the fleet owner via e-mail and posted into the online reporting system. Users accessing the program’s proprietary website can then compare current test results against previous samples from the same tank.

Users with multiple tanks and locations, says Hydrotex, can map current and historical test results for a comprehensive view of data from all tanks and locations to reveal emerging trends in fuel quality, provide metrics for continuous improvement, and deliver data that can justify resource allocation. Findings also can be displayed in graphical and geographical formats and exported for use in presentations or electronic sharing, says the company. Hydrotex’s mapping capabilities, says Cummins, takes in 159 refineries and 25 major pipelines in order to map the quality of diesel fuel across the country.

Details at www.hydrotexlube.com