Hybrid System Powers Utility Truck Functions

July 9, 2012

Terex HyPower Hybrid System is a plug-in power take-off (PTO) system that uses stored energy from the system’s rechargeable batteries to power the nonpropulsion functions of most utility vehicles.

Available from Terex Utilities, the system can be retrofit onto utility trucks five years old or younger. Benefits include reducing fuel usage and exhaust emissions, and allowing operators to function in a quiet work environment, the company says.

“Retrofitting our HyPower system onto a current utility truck, including aerial devices and digger derricks, can help customers ‘green up’ their fleet at a reduced capital investment versus purchasing a new HyPower unit,” says Nick Cammisa, Terex national accounts manager. “The HyPower system reduces the engine idle hours on the job site, resulting in fewer oil changes, lower fuel consumption, as well as reducing the amount of times an engine will need to go into re-gen mode. Most competitive aerial device makes and models qualify for this retrofit option.”

For an aerial device to be considered for a HyPower retrofit, it needs to pass an initial inspection, which includes an understanding of the truck’s available payload capacity, body configuration and cab-to-axle length to accommodate the battery packs. After the inspection, retrofits can be completed in as little as two weeks.

HyPower retrofitted trucks come with the standard one-year warranty from the date of in-service on the system, the same as on new HyPower equipped units.