Hybrid Excavator Will Save On Bottom Line, Too

Staff | September 28, 2010

As part of the ongoing development of a full-sized hybrid excavator, equipment manufacturer Doosan is now projecting a cost savings of $10,000 per month for future users of the machine.

Slated for a North American launch in 2012, the 22-ton Doosan hybrid excavator will be equipped with a diesel engine, electric swing motor, electric converter, and an ultra-capacitor that will store excess energy during turning and light-duty operations. The reserve electricity will then be used to assist the power of the engine during heavier work, allowing the engine to maintain low revolutions and high-efficiency combustion during acceleration. The system is similar to that used in Komatsu's PC200 hybrid, which is the first commercially available hybrid excavator in the world.

Compared to the standard DX225 model, the hybrid excavator will generate approximately 35 percent less carbon dioxide and fuel consumption, says Doosan Infracore America.