Hybrid Dozer's Cab Innovations

Larry Stewart, Executive Editor | September 28, 2010


View from the new D7E operator seat

Aligning the precleaner, exhaust stack, single lift cylinder and grade-control mast with the D7E’s single, center cab post provides the clearest view a dozer operator will find.

Much of the talk about Caterpillar’s D7E bulldozer understandably focuses on its hybrid-electric drive train and its promised 25-percent improvement in material moved per gallon of fuel burned. But among the 100 patented, or patent-pending, innovations involved in developing the D7E is a patent on the center-post cab aligned with the precleaner, exhaust stack, single lift cylinder and grade-control mast. The view through the angled doors to either corner of the blade is unparalleled in a dozer in the D7E’s size.

View from D7R II operator seat
View from the D7RII's operator seat.

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