Hurricane Matthew Takes Aim At South Florida’s Construction Boom

October 6, 2016

"If you start planning for a hurricane the week it comes you are in deep trouble,” said MacAdam Glinn, who heads Skanska USA in South Florida, overseeing its active construction projects including the Frost Science Museum. “We put our hurricane plans in our project plans.”

Over at Moss Construction, which has several tower cranes dotting the downtown Miami skyline, crews are at also at work battening down, but the tower cranes, unlike mobile cranes, aren’t lowered but rather are set to “weather vane” or spin with the wind, said Scott Gerard, vice president of environmental, health and safety for Moss Construction, which has about 20 projects ongoing in South Florida

The South Florida building boom builders are taking no chances and preparing for the worst Hurricane Matthew may deliver to areas. Safety plans for residents and jobsites are in play, securing equipment, materials, and unfinished buildings to reduce damage from water, wind and debris.

It is a well orchestrated safety dance at a quicktime tempo. Read more of how it is done in the Miami Herald's Real Estate News article here: