How to Select and Safely Use Ladders

September 28, 2010

The American Ladder Institute (ALI), a national trade association whose mission is education of the public as to the proper selection, care and safe use of ladders, has launched

This user-friendly website is intended to appeal to a wide audience, ranging from professionals that work in the construction trades to consumers who use ladders in their homes.

The primary feature of the website is a comprehensive ladder listing with images, performance requirements, design features, and guidelines for proper care and storage. The site is organized by ladder type with additional technical support resources. The diverse listing includes a range of ladder types including but not limited to step ladders, extension ladders, mobile ladder stands and fixed ladders.

Through, visitors also have access to helpful tips such as the basic ladder safety page. The page features the "Three Points-of-Contact Climb" which illustrates how to minimize chances of slipping and falling, and "How to Choose the Right Ladder," which features ladder design, length and duty rating.

"ALI is very proud of our new educational offering. Business owners and consumers will benefit from the website as it provides valuable information on a variety of ladder types," said Janet Rapp, ALI executive director. "Most importantly, the site will equip people with practical knowledge for safe ladder use on the job site or at home."