How to Enforce Construction Site Fire Safety

October 13, 2015

Fire-related safety prevention in construction job sites can be enforced by following these steps, required by OSHA: 

  1. Contractors clean up and throw away debris and materials in dumpsters.
  2. Store flammable liquids outside the building, away from ignition sources, and outside of heated enclosure or trailers.
  3. Make fire extinguishers available throughout the work area, not just in trailers or trucks.
  4. At least two exits from the building are available to workers for emergency evacuation. These must be unlocked at the beginning of the work day, but may be secured at the end of the day.
  5. A clear area at least five feet in diameter is maintained around small temporary heaters; and more for larger ones
  6. All combustibles within 15 feet of any “hot work” (welding, torch cutting, grinding, or soldering) at floor levels (and within 35 feet if the work is overhead or near a high ceiling) must be removed or shielded with noncombustible screens or tarps