House to Vote on Bill With Key Trucking Provisions

June 9, 2015

The House will vote on the $55-billion T-HUD (Transportation, Housing and Urban Development) bill, which sets spending appropriations for the Departments of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

H.R. 2527 includes several policies that would benefit the trucking industry, such as:

  • Allow 33-foot long double trailers to operate on Interstate and other highways— regardless of state laws prohibiting them;
  • Keep the 34-hour restart rule suspended until a federal study is completed and only revoke the rule suspension if that FMCSA impact report shows that “drivers who operated under the restart provisions… demonstrated statistically significant improvement in all outcomes related to safety, operator fatigue, driver health and longevity and work schedules” vs. drivers who had run under the rules in place before the 2013 change;
  • Prevent the government from increasing the $750,000 minimum liability insurance coverage now required for truckers; and
  • Remove funding to implement wireless roadside inspections on highways.

The bill faces a veto threat from the White House, who says it shortchanges critically needed investments in transportation infrastructures and housing assistance.

Source: Heavy Duty Trucking