Hilti Angle Grinder

Staff | September 28, 2010

Equipped with the unique Hilti Smart Power™ system and Active Torque Control (ATC), the new Hilti DAG 500-D and DCG 500-S Angle Grinders offer superior power and protection when using on a variety of applications. For improved access in tight areas, the DAG 500-D and DCG 500-S also feature a low profile gearing section, which makes it suitable for a broader range of applications. Ideal for working with steel or other metal, the DAG 500-D is primarily used for surface clean-up and preparation, while the DCG 500-S is designed for concrete applications. For greater efficiency and reliability, the DAG 500-D and DCG 500-S feature Smart Power™, which maintains a constant level of grinding speed for less wear and tear on the motor to help ensure a longer tool life. To prevent the tools from starting with a jolt or blowing a fuse, the DAG 500-D and DCG 500-S were designed to limit the electronic starting current drawn by the motor for greater reliability. For added tool and operator protection, the ATC function interrupts the electrical current into the tool in a fraction of a second to reduce unwanted kickback if a spike in the current draw in sensed, such as might occur with a sticking disk. The DAG 500-D and DCG 500-S also feature a new slim barrel grip design with rubber padding, which makes the grinder more comfortable and less tiring to use. For added user comfort, the tools also feature a soft-grip side handle to absorb the vibration. Under Hilti Lifetime Service, the DAG 500-D and DCG 500-S will be serviced quickly and reliably, if needed, with no additional cost for one year. During the lifetime repair cost limit, which begins after the one-year no cost period, the tool will have a maximum repair cost of no greater than 30 percent of a new tool’s list price. Once the tool is repaired, it receives an additional 30 days of no cost service. The lifetime manufacturer’s warranty covers the tool against manufacturer defects for the life of the tool. Lfetime Service includes the tool’s transportation to and from a Hilti repair center, maintenance service, repair and replacement of all worn out or defective parts, functional testing and adjustment and safety check after any repair.