September 28, 2010

Hilti TE 80 ATC-AVR CombihammerDescribed by manufacturer Hilti as “the most powerful combihammer on the market,” the TE 80 ATC-AVR puts a new 1,700-watt motor to work with a number of such established Hilti drill product features as active torque control (ATC), active vibration reduction (AVR) and a theft protection system (TPS). With AVR, a mass damper system suspended on springs inside the casing absorbs vibration in the tool’s longitudinal axis while the grip, decoupled from the rest of the tool, efficiently absorbs even vibrational torque. ATC is an electronic rapid cut-out system that disengages the tool drive system if the drill bit sticks and the tool starts to rotate too quickly. And, when the built-in TPS is activated, unauthorized use of the tool is impossible. The TE 80 ATC-AVR combihammer is designed for a wide range of demanding heavy drilling and demolition jobs, including: hammer-drilling concrete, masonry and natural stone in diameters ranging 0.75 to 6 inches; drilling through-holes in concrete and masonry up to 6 inches in diameter; heavy chiseling; and drilling with high torque in wood and steel.