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High Water for the Cajun Navy

Volunteers risk dangerous currents in Louisiana floodwaters

August 16, 2016

As thousands were stranded inside their homes as Louisiana floodwaters rose this weekend, social media users shared photos and thanks for the "Cajun Navy." The term was affectionately applied to the many fishermen, hunters and leisure boaters who arrived to provide back up to official first responders backed up with emergency calls for stranded residents. 

The Cajun Navy faced no less strenuous work, according to one such volunteer. Chris Macaluso, a Baton Rouge resident, used his own boat to help get neighbors to dry ground from his own subdivision.

More than 280 state roads are closed in south Louisiana and roads that are open are heavily congested in many areas. State Police spokeswoman Melissa Matey suggests checking the website and the Louisiana State Police facebook page for road closure updates.

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