High Performance and Low Weight Hilti TE 500 Breaker

Staff | September 28, 2010

With the best performance-to-weight ratio in the industry, the groundbreaking Hilti TE 500 Breaker delivers the impressive power and high level of working comfort you have come to expect from Hilti. The strong 1,100-watt motor delivers remarkable power for fast chiseling in applications such as correctional chiseling, surface smoothing, making/enlarging breaches, removing tiles and channeling. The rounded and rubber-padded TE grip provides exceptional working comfort, which helps reduce fatigue and increase productivity on the job site.

Built to last, the TE 500 is double sealed to help prevent dust infiltration. The separated lubrication chambers stop dust from entering into the gear housing, reducing the risk for potential damage and subsequent repairs.

With a strong, built-in fan for intensive motor cooling and an ergonomic switch lock for permanent chiseling, the TE 500 enables contractors to work efficiently and conveniently - even on lengthy chiseling projects.

The TE 500 is equipped with the Hilti Theft Protection System (TPS), a simple, easy-to-use system that puts tool owners and users in control. As the system helps put an end to missing tools, it helps reduce insurance and replacement costs and helps keep the tools in your hands to increase productivity. The TPS system consists of a Company Card, Activation Key and electronic module inside the tool. For everyday tool use, connect the tool to the power supply, hold the Activation Key to the tool and go to work. If the tool is stolen, it will lock after 20 minutes and cannot be restarted without the Activation Key.

The TE 500 can be used with the self-sharpening Hilti polygon chisel, which also maintains a high level of performance throughout its lifetime. The chisel's special polygon shape reduces jamming in the base material, which reduces jobsite interruptions and helps reduce the risk of tool damage that may result from attempts to pry or free a stuck chisel.

Covered under Hilti Lifetime Service, the TE 500 will be serviced quickly and reliably, if needed, with no additional cost for two years. During the lifetime repair cost limit, which begins after the two-year no cost period, the tool will have a maximum repair cost of no greater than 30 percent of the tool's then-current list price. Once the tool is repaired, it receives an additional six months of no cost service. The lifetime manufacturer's warranty covers the tool against manufacturer defects for the life of the tool.