Hey - Where Yat?

May 2, 2016

Back in the '60s in the City That Care Forgot (aka New Orleans) a public project that included a 700-foot long, 98-foot wide tunnel at the edge of the French Quarters was dug, and eventually forgotten.

The 30-foot sink hole on Canal Street just across from Harrah's opened up Friday afternoon around 3 p.m. to reveal the underground tunnel that was shored up with temporary wood supports. 'Temporary' lasted 50 years.

The tunnel was constructed in the 1960s as part of an abandoned plan to build a six-lane, elevated Riverfront Expressway that would have run alongside the French Quarter, connecting Elysian Fields Avenue to the West Bank. The expressway never happened, but the idea wasn't scrapped until after the city had already built the tunnel section, which runs between Canal and Poydras streets.

Read more about the latest New Orleans's diversion and view Mayor Landrieu's comments here: