Hertz Equipment Rental Corp to be Renamed Herc Rentals

February 24, 2016
Hertz Equipment Rental is now Herc Rentals

Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation announced at ARA’s Rental Show 2016 in Atlanta that it will become Herc Rentals upon its mid-2016 separation form Hertz Global Holdings. A new brand mark will be deployed in phases as part of a multi-year transition process.

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“I am delighted to preview Herc Rentals as the future name for the business that 50 years ago became the first global equipment-rental firm,” said Larry Silber, president and CEO, HERC. “We remain committed to building upon Hertz Equipment Rental’s strong brand reputation, which is founded on outstanding customer service, operational excellence and unmatched

Silber added that the transition to Herc Rentals reflects the company’s intention to establish a unique identity as an independent company and to share the attributes of its forward-looking business and brand. “Ultimately, we are a service business, helping our customers get the equipment, services and expertise they need to accomplish their tough jobs faster and more efficiently while enabling them to conserve capital for other growth investments,” Silber said.

“Herc” is derived from the initial letters of Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation, the acronym from which has often been used interchangeably with “Hertz” as an informal name for the business and as a trademark.

The yellow “contour” in the brand mark’s primary palette preserves the color association with the legacy brand and its gradually widening shape is designed to suggest the business’ ever-expanding potential.