HCSS eLogs Tracks Data for FMCSA Compliance

July 27, 2017
HCSS eLogs electronically tracks truck drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS)

HCSS eLogs electronically tracks truck drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS) and automates driving events based on vehicle movements, both of which are mandated by upcoming federal rules requiring conversion from paper logbooks to electronic.

Known as an ELD, or electronic logging device, the software can be used to help drivers comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandate scheduled to take effect in December. Drivers must be ready by December 18.

HCSS eLogs includes a driver app for smartphones or tablets and a website where managers can review Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs), driver statuses, shift and cycle time, previous violations, and daily driver logs and comments.

Features of the software include:

  • Free integration with HCSS Telematics, which tracks fleet location and performance as well as helps to prevent loss and theft. HCSS Telematics interfaces with the HCSS suite of products.
  • Easy connectivity using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) that allows for drivers to remain in the application to connect rather than shuffling through settings.
  • A faster connection and shorter wait time for drivers using software connection compared to common internet/cellular connectivity used by other providers.
  • Availability on any Android device, with or without cellular or internet connection. The driver can syncs logs again when they can connect.
  • Status change based on vehicle motion and gear, eliminating recording in the app for drivers.

The interface allows drivers to enter data, fill out pre- and post-trip DVIRs, and identify and self-report violations. Managers receive logs in a timely manner and have access to all driver information in one simple location for easy tracking and reporting, reducing double entry and ensuring accuracy.

The app helps companies to avoid violations and lowers HOS compliance scores by warning drivers about upcoming shift or cycle limits before they occur.

HCSS eLogs easily installs through a simple plug-in device for the truck and a mobile app for the driver’s phone or tablet that connects instantly. Drivers aren’t required to scroll through phone settings or wait for a Bluetooth pairing. The new app also avoids the need to manually connect with the device for drivers who switch between multiple trucks.

Source: HCSS

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