HCEA Releases Marion Family DVD

November 27, 2017
HCEA DVD features Marion construction equipment.

The Historical Construction Equipment Association has released a DVD featuring Marion construction equipment.

“The Marion Family” is compiled from 11 original 16mm films in the HCEA archives, the DVD shows shovels and cranes from Marion and its associated companies: Osgood Co., which Marion acquired in 1955 along with Osgood subsidiary Osgood-General (the former General Excavator Co.); and Quick-Way, which Marion acquired in 1964.   

Color films show Western Contracting’s giant 191-M shovels; 43-M and other log loaders; the 80-M shovel; loading shovels; and The Osgood product line. Black-and-white films cover the Marion Type 7 Shovel; Marions at work at Boulder Dam; the Quickway J and E; General 310; Osgood 1-1/4 Yard; and the Osgood-General line.

Total run time for the DVD is 110 minutes. It can be ordered online or by calling 419.352.5616 using item number 3040.