Hall Road Overlaid

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

An approximately 1-mile pavement rehabilitation and concrete overlay project on Hall Road between West Road and Van Horn in Woodhaven, MI, also included full-depth reconstruction at the north end and south end of the project. Florence Cement Company, of Shelby Township, MI, was the prime contractor for the project. Florence used a P-1 modified high-performance shilstone concrete mix for the entire project. The full-depth reconstruction was done in order to transition into the overlay. The full-depth reconstruction included removing the existing pavement, replacing the base material and some underground structure. There were some structure adjustments through the overlay area. A 4-inch concrete overlay was placed on top of a 1-inch asphalt separator.

Steve Gregor, project manager for Florence Cement Company, said that certain adjustments had to be made on the project. "We put a 1-inch separator and a 4-inch overlay down and in order to match existing cross streets, make sure we had the full 4-inch overlay and deal with the existing road which is never exactly as planned, we had to make some modifications in setting our string line when we were setting our grades to ensure that we got adequate thickness and still maintained the proper elevation and got a good ride quality through the project," Gregor said.

The approximately $1.3-million project began in September 2008. It will be completed in early 2009.

The project area included a high school, an elementary school, Woodhaven City Hall, and Woodhaven's fire and police department. The project area is a boulevard section, with two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound.

Traffic presented challenges on the project. "There was a lot of traffic with the city's weekly and monthly meetings. Then there was the daily school bus traffic," Steve Gregor, project manager for Florence Cement Company, said.

"The high school had its homecoming and they had a parade come through the project area. The city also had a marathon go through the project area." Weather conditions also presented a challenge. "At the end of November 2008 we got some pretty cold weather," Gregor said.

The southbound side is residential, so Florence had to maintain access to the road and coordinate with the residents so that they knew when paving operations were proceeding.

Material quantities included approximately 27,000 square yards of concrete mix for the overlay; approximately 2,500 square yards of 9-inch concrete pavement; approximately 1,800 square yards of concrete pavement transition section where the pavement went from 9 inches to 14 inches; and approximately 4,600 square yards of aggregate base.

Subcontractors included G.M. & Sons, of Whitmore Lake, MI (sidewalks and driveways); J.L. Milling; Arrow Concrete Cutting, of Monroe, MI; and State Barricade, of Warren, MI (traffic control and signage). Hennessey Engineers, of Southgate, MI, was the engineering firm for the project.


Project: Rehabilitation and concrete overlay on Hall Road in Woodhaven, MI

Prime contractor: Florence Cement Company, of Shelby Township, MI

Cost: Approximately $1.3 million