Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Completes Gainesville School Projects

Staff | September 28, 2010

Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford is pleased to announce the completion of the Gainesville High School and Gainesville Junior High School new construction and renovation/conversion project. The two-phased project provides the district its first new high school since 1960, and brings new life to the former Gainesville High School building — which has been converted to the district's newest junior high school.

As the district's first new high school in more than 40 years, Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford designed a campus that will enhance the learning opportunities for the district's students, while serving as a focal point for the Gainesville community. The $23.4-million, 181,000-square-foot high school is energy efficient and almost twice the size of the previous high school.

The $4.5-million Gainesville Junior High School project represents an important conversion project for Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford, preserving a district building and enhancing its use for the junior high school level.

"Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford is proud to be part of this important project and able to give the school district a signature statement for the community," says David Stanford, a principal with the firm. "The majority of our education assignments have been centered around new construction projects. The Gainesville High School and Junior High School project gave our firm the opportunity to provide the growing district with a new high school building, programmed to meet current and future needs, while also preserving a building that has served the community for more than five decades."