Guess What Day it Is?

April 18, 2016

Your ROI from the transportation construction sector provides for more than 3,971,108 full-time jobs, and supports the nation's $4.47 trillion transportation infrastructure.

The total value of public and private transportation construction and maintenance in the United States will be over $273 billion in 2015.

To put this in context, it exceeds the output of the following U.S. industry sectors:

  • Wireless communications carriers  - $254  billion
  • Food and beverage stores  - $222.5 billion
  • Insurance agencies and brokers  - $219.5 billion
  • Nursing care facilities  - $171.1 billion
  • Aircraft  manufacturing  - $158.3 billion
  • Automobile  manufacturing  - $131.4 billion

Here are some ballpark figures from the Federal Highway Administration on what it costs to construct a lane of highway:

  • Approximately $2 million-$3 million per mile in rural areas or $3 million-$6 million per mile in urban areas, depending on the location and terrain. More complex projects can range from $10 million to over $30 million per mile
  • Reconstruct pavement: approximately $1 million per mile in rural and suburban areas; $1.8 million per mile in urban areas
  • Resurface and widen lanes: approximately $1 million per mile in rural areas; $2 million or more per mile in urban areas
  • Re-alignment costs for pavement work in a normal area can range from $2 million in flat rural terrain to $12.5 million in mountainous areas, and an average of $7 million in urbanized areas; for complex projects the average can range from $12.2 million per mile in rural areas to $23 million per mile for urban work
  • Reconstructing and widening a mile of interstate: $1.8 million per mile for rural Interstates and $3.3 million for urban Interstates.

For more about what your tax dollars buy, download ARTBA's 2015 US Transportation Construction Industry Profile here.

Source: ARTBA