GUCA Presents Safety Awards

By Steve Hudson | September 28, 2010

The Georgia Utility Contractors Association, Inc. recently recognized several of its member firms with GUCA Hard Hat Safety Awards.

Vikki McReynolds, GUCA executive director, notes that the association places great importance on the safety awards program and its role in encouraging member companies to develop and maintain effective safety programs.

"We conduct the awards program to impress upon our contractor members that safety is not an impossible task," McReynolds says. "It's a mindset and a way of doing business. Those who take on that challenge and put safety as a number one priority see the results of it in many areas, ranging from keeping their employees safe to avoiding OSHA citations."

A good safety program, she adds, also translates into a better bottom line.

"Because those factors are so important," she says, "we feel it is important to recognize companies that do make the commitment to safety. We also hope that other firms will see these examples and recognize that a good safety program is something that can be accomplished and that will pay off in the long run."

The GUCA 2007 Hard Hat Safety Awards were presented in categories based on type of work and total man hours worked.

Four companies received awards. In the 0-400,000 Man-Hours Plant Contractor category, winner was Douglas Electrical & Plumbing Company, Inc. In the 400,000-plus Man-Hours Plant Contractor Category, winner was Skanska USA Civil Southeast. Winning the award in the 0-100,000 Man-Hours Pipeline Contractor category was Turpin, Inc., and winner in the 100,000-plus Man-Hours Pipeline Contractor category was DeKalb Pipeline Company.

The overall Hardhat Safety Award was presented to DeKalb Pipeline Company, which according to GUCA, "went above and beyond others and consistently put safety in the forefront for each employee and for each job undertaken by the company."

DeKalb Pipeline Company has been in business for 48 years and has more than 50 employees.

"Our employees see the commitment that we have made regarding their safety, and they have a sense of comfort knowing that we are concerned about their well-being," said James King, president, DeKalb Pipeline Company. "Motivation to work safely stems from this commitment; therefore our employees take care and caution when on the job site."

King added, "With the tightening economy, safety is even a greater concern. It is more important than ever to find cost savings, and with a good safety program, your savings are tremendous. We are fortunate that our employees have taken a vested interest in safety."

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