Grove RT Crane from 1962 Still Gets the Job Done

October 9, 2018
The Grove RT-58 from 1962.

After six decades, the JJ Curran Crane Co. is still using the Grove RT-58 it purchased in 1962. The crane is considered a “money maker” for the company, still generating revenue after completing more than 300 jobs in the last seven years.

This RT-58 was built to last,” said co-owner and CFO Jeff Curran, son of John “JJ” Curran. “It’s a simple tool that is easy to operate and we always find work for it. The crane is very mobile and can fit into tight spaces, and it’s great for pick-and-carry operations. It is still generating revenue for us almost 60 years later.”

The company uses the crane for lifting inside of steel mills, refineries and cement plants, and working outside, transporting boards or handling materials on the job site. As of today, Curran has purchased over 80 Grove models, crediting the machine’s reliability, performance, and lifecycle value.

“This RT-58 does have sentimental significance to me. My father started this company in the 1950s and began building the crane business in the 1960s. It was the first hydraulic crane we ever bought,” said Larry Curran, president. “This crane is part of the family now. It’s that old beater you keep on the family farm.”

Source: Manitowoc