Groups Apprehensive About Proposed Transportation Cuts in Initial Trump Budget

March 27, 2017

AASHTO Journal has posted a story discussing concerns five leading transportation industry groups - American Association of Port Authorities, Transportation for America, National Association of Rail Passengers, National Association of Counties, American Public Transit Association - have about the soon to be released Trump administration's budget.

In Trump's budget summary released earlier this month, he want Congress to cut the U.S. Department of Transportation's discretionary funding by 13 percent, and terminate Energy and Commerce department grant programs that support advanced vehicles and economic development-related transportation projects.

Trump also proposed sizable spending cuts for the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA, all of which worried AAPA President Kurt Nagle.

"We're apprehensive about the fiscal 2018 budget," Nagle said. "Adequate federal investments into U.S. port-related infrastructure, both on the landside and waterside, are crucial for the efficient movement of goods so the nation can remain globally competitive . . . It's vital the federal government uphold its end of the partnership with ports so the country can have a 21st century goods movement system in place."

Cuts to air, rail, and shipping transit are worrying association executives who are weighing the consequences of Trump's cuts to their particular industry segments. T4America Director Adrea Turner said: "This budget proposal severely undercuts the president's stated commitment to infrastructure, and would leave behind many of the rural communities that supported him in November."

AASHTO's article and its attached links details what is at stake in the administration's 'skinny budge'. Read Groups Warn About Proposed Transportation Cuts in Initial Trump Administration Budget