'Greenovation' Earns Recognition for Hilton Hotel

Staff | September 28, 2010

Albuquerque— The Albuquerque Hilton Hotel has become the first, and so far the only hotel in the state, to receive New Mexico's Green Zia Environmental Excellence Recognition Program for its efforts to prevent pollution and implement "green" initiatives.

While undergoing a comprehensive $14-million "greenovation" last year, the Albuquerque Hilton managed to recycle 70 percent of the materials that came out of the hotel, including finding innovative ways to recycle carpet, porcelain toilets, sinks and bathtubs. The Hilton also decided to sell those items it couldn't recycle for as little as $10. As for its continuous environmental improvement system, the Hilton has incorporated water and energy saving features like high-efficiency toilets and a more efficient elevator system, a recycling program, and blended xeriscaping with existing turf to achieve water conservation.

Studio Southwest is architect for the project, Klinger Constructors is the general contractor for the project, and Landscapers Ground Management is the landscape architect.

Started in 1999, the Green Zia Program is based on the idea that businesses can become more efficient and profitable by reducing waste. With an emphasis on an established system with measurable outcomes, any organization considering applying for the Green Zia award must have a solid framework for continuous environmental improvement that is sustainable by the staff. To date, 107 organizations have participated in the Green Zia Program, with a reported savings of at least $5 million.

The Green Zia program's criteria are based on the Malcolm Baldrige Business Performance Excellence Criteria and the Quality New Mexico program. It is the only program of its kind nationally and helps participants incorporate environmental decision making into core business practices.

Originally built in 1970–71, the Albuquerque Hilton is owned by Ocean Properties Ltd. and is part of the Hilton Hotel family.