"Green" Light Coating

Staff | September 28, 2010

Finding a cost-effective thermal barrier that is durable and friendly to the environment may seem like a search for the Holy Grail. Canadian Envirocoatings has created this product utilizing a proprietary formula, Cerylium, to create Ceramic InsulCoat exterior walls and roofs. InsulCoat provides the following remarkable results: reduced labor and energy costs; effective prevention of heat loss or gain; a green report card unsurpassed in this product group; and ideal performance in extreme coastal or desert conditions. In addition, InsulCoat can be tinted any color for exterior walls. The roof products, however, are limited to lighter tints, because those colors help reflect light, not absorb heat — a key factor in reducing heat buildup on roofs. For more information about Envirocoatings, visit http://www.envirocoatings.com.