GovPlanet Direct Debuts This Week at Government Fleet Expo

June 20, 2016
GovPlanet Direct  Debuts This Week at Government Fleet Expo

IronPlanet is adding another service to its GovPlanet group for state, local municipal, and public sector sellers wanting to reach buyers for their surplus general property.

The new service, GovPlanet Direct, debuts at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference, June 20 – 23, 2016, at Music City Center in Nashville, TN. GovPlanet will be located at booth #701.

The new GovPlanet Direct online service and marketplace will feature non-rolling stock like such as office furniture, computer equipment and a range of other equipment. GovPlanet will continue to offer heavy equipment and vehicles.

Together, GovPlanet and GovPlanet Direct will offer state, local municipal, and public sector entities a comprehensive, flexible solution to secure the highest value possible for their surplus property.

“Based on the success and overwhelmingly positive response to our GovPlanet brand over the past year and a half, it is with great satisfaction that IronPlanet is expanding its offerings to the public sector with the introduction of GovPlanet Direct,” said Jeff Holmes, senior vice president, Government Solutions and Auction Management, IronPlanet.

“With GovPlanet Direct, GovPlanet will become the full-service destination for government surplus property, providing sellers with the ultimate solution to dispose of all of their surplus assets from rolling stock to any surplus that they want to sell by reaching a broad market of buyers."

GovPlanet Direct makes it easy for buyers and sellers to register, list and navigate available items via desktop, tablet or mobile phone. GovPlanet Direct’s self-managed options will provide a full spectrum of disposal options and  streamline the connection between buyers and sellers to simplify communication for important aspects like coordinating item pick up or shipment.

IronPlanet Named NJPA Contract Award Vendor

IronPlanet has been awarded a National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) contract for procurement of “Surplus Auction Services with Related Solutions.” GovPlanet Direct is built for those entities that use the NJPA to select vendors that they know will deliver the service they need to dispose of surplus property efficiently and with the returns they are seeking.  

“GovPlanet is honored to receive the new contact from the NJPA,” Holmes continued. “This award is a testament to our dedication to providing government agencies of all sizes with the best overall solutions to maximize the returns on their used surplus property.”

As a public agency, NJPA creates national cooperative contract purchasing solutions on behalf of its member agencies which include all government, education and non-profit agencies nationwide and in Canada. These contract purchasing solutions arranged by NJPA offer both time and money savings for their users by consolidating the efforts of numerous individually prepared solicitations to one national, cooperatively shared process.

The four year contract between IronPlanet and NJPA operates as a master agreement under which government entities are able to procure GovPlanet’s disposition services on pre-established terms. Now an NJPA Awarded Contract Vendor, IronPlanet, won this key contract due in large part to its innovative marketplace technology, its GovPlanet branded solutions, detailed inspection reports, targeted marketing capabilities and established inside sales team.

IronPlanet is the leading online marketplace for used heavy equipment and an innovative participant in the multi-billion dollar heavy equipment auction market. Since 2000, IronPlanet has sold over $5 billion of used equipment online and has built a database of more than 1.5 million registered users worldwide. 

GovPlanet was launched in November 2014 to meet the needs of government agencies that want to reach an online global audience for disposition of their surplus rolling stock. It is the surplus disposition market for the U.S. DoD’s Defense Logistics Agency’s rolling stock, such as Humvee and Stewart & Stevenson LMTVs, as well as construction equipment from the DLA and other agencies like the USMC.