Governor Proposes Permanent Funding For Infrastructure Maintenance

January 22, 2016

In his 2016 State of the State address this week, California Governor Jerry Brown put forth a new permanent funding model for infrastructure maintenance and repair.  

Repairing the crumbling infrastructure is critical, he said Thursday. According to current estimates, California needs $77 billion for repairs. "Sooner rather than later, we have to bite the bullet and enact new fees and taxes for this purpose.”

Brown convened a special session on transportation last year and has called for a $65 annual fee on all vehicles and for higher gas and diesel fuel taxes.

Republican votes are required to pass any tax increase and GOP lawmakers are skeptical. “Last year he talked about transportation infrastructure and then did nothing except create an extraordinary session where he says you’ve got to raise taxes,” Sen. Bob Huff, R-San Dimas said after the speech. “Here we are again.”

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Source: The Press Enterprise