Goodyear Pioneered Interstate Trucking

Staff | September 28, 2010

On April 9, 1917, a five-ton Packard with 10-foot-high body rolled the first interstate trucking route with regular nonstop runs from Goodyear's Akron tire factory to its tire fabric mill in Connecticut. The one truck eventually blossomed into Goodyear's Wingfoot Express fleet, complete with the first sleeper cab.

A 1917 Packard Model E 3-ton truck — similar to the trucks of the first Wingfoot fleet — symbolizes the original interstate truck fleet. Housed in Fort Smith, Ark., at the headquarters of Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, the Wingfoot Express truck will celebrate the 90th anniversary this year with stops at Wingfoot Tire Center grand-openings nationwide.

Wingfoot Commercial, a Goodyear subsidiary, operates more than 173 commercial tire centers in North America. For more information on Wingfoot, visit