Gomaco Creates In-house Machine Control Division

January 11, 2011

GOMACO has created a new, in-house department for 3D controls, manned by three new employees. Matthew Morrison will head the 3D Machine Controls Group, which also includes Kevin Ackley and Chad Schaeding.

“We have invested over a decade in research and field testing on the 3D stringless guidance system, and today almost every paving application has been proven on projects around the world,” Kent Godbersen, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, said. “Now we have an obligation to take the next step in supporting our customers with service and the development of GOMACO 3D.”

Morrison and Ackley previously worked for Leica Geosystem’s machine control division and have degrees in Construction Management and Survey Engineering. Schaeding is a recent Purdue University graduate with a Master’s Degree in Engineering with an emphasis on Geometrics.

“GOMACO’s partnership with Leica and our work with Topcon and Trimble have clearly established GOMACO as the front runner in 3D controls,” Kevin Klein, vice president of engineering and research & development, said. “As our competitors are now starting to follow our lead, it is time for us to take this to the next level. Our goal is to design and implement our own proprietary system which will be able to utilize instruments from whatever manufacturer that our customers choose.”

The focus of the new group will be sales, service and support of 3D machine controls and also the development of GOMACO's future proprietary 3D controls which will be an integral part of the company’s standard machine controller.

“There are over 100 stringless units on GOMACO machines in the field, and Matt and Kevin have worked with the majority of our customers in the set up and training of these systems,” Godbersen said. “Matt and Kevin are part of a small, elite group of specialists that are familiar with stringless paving and we are pleased to have two of the premier experts in 3D concrete paving in the world join the GOMACO team.”