Gold Mine Revival to Start Thursday in Arizona

November 30, 2016

Seven miles east of Bullhead City, Arizona sits a long abandoned gold and silver mine waiting to come back to life. Golden Vertex Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northern Vertex Mining of Vancouver, British Columbia, plans to start mining activities on the Moss Mine on Thursday.

"Captain" John Moss opened the mine in 1863 after Chief Iretaba of the Mojave Indian tribe showed him some outcroppings of rock that had glints of gold. Moss extracted more than $200,000 worth of gold from his first 10-foot square by 10-foot deep hole. The mine was worked on and off through the 1930's but itwasn't until the early 1980's that various mining companies began to show interest in the area.

The open pit design, created using Maptek Vulcan mining software, optimizes ramp accessibility and means the Moss pit does not require any pre-stripping because the Moss vein is exposed over the full strike length of the proposed pit shell.

Chief Information Officer Lisa McCabe said construction on the Moss Gold-Silver Project will create about 100 jobs and last about 12 months. Operations will require a full-time workforce of about 80 people. That timetable will depend on approval a key permit from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. A public hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Dec. 16, in the Bullhead City Council chambers.

For more information on how the Moss Gold-Silver Project will be done, read the Northern Vertex technical report here: