GMC Claims Highest Towing & Hauling Capacity

August 15, 2011

GMC announced today it will own the best-in-class towing and hauling numbers among HD pickups. Ford and Ram Truck will likely respond, however.

Rick Spina, GM’s vehicle line executive for full-size trucks, said, “We know heavy-duty pickups are one of the most-competitive segments, with some of the most knowledgeable customers there are, so for 2012, we worked on making our trucks even more capable than before.”

Although details have not been released, reported that GM engineers specifically targeted the maximum fifth-wheel towing number by redesigning the rear leaf springs, u-bolts, and box mounts on specific HD models. In addition, they’ve also strengthened the internal structure of the cargo boxes and increased the size of the supports inside the box sills. Lastly, shock upgrades had to be made on those max payload and towing packages.

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Source: (by Mark Williams)