Georgia Department of Transportation Recognized By National Partnership For Highway Quality

Staff | September 28, 2010

Atlanta, Ga.— The Georgia Department of Transportation and its highway contracting partners were recognized recently by the National Partnership for Highway Quality (NPHQ) for innovative construction techniques.

NPHQ presented one of its National 2006 "Making a Difference" awards "to the Georgia highway team whose quality innovations promote roads that are completed more quickly, ride better, last longer, reduce congestion, and improve safety." GDOT Commissioner Harold Linnenkohl said.

GDOT won the Silver Award in the NPHQ's "Breaking the Mold" category for its use of roller compacted concrete on the shoulder along a section of Interstate 285. Instead of the traditional methods to pave highway shoulders, GDOT applied roller-compacted concrete (RCC) to put a stop to potholes along interstate highway shoulders. RCC has been used on smaller projects in the United States where there's a need to support heavy loads.

Linnenkohl stressed the importance of the contractor in completing the work.

"Pittman Construction Company and their subcontractors, including A.G. Peltz LLC, were very instrumental in this effort, and GDOT relied very heavily on their experience in laying this material," he said.

NPHQ Executive Director Bob Templeton said, "This is the first interstate project in the nation where this application has been used, and if it proves successful, the implications for lower interstate maintenance costs nationwide are momentous."

Commissioner Linnenkohl presented a copy of the Silver Award to Arnie Pittman of Pittman Construction during a recent meeting of the State Transportation Board.