Genie Platform Baskets Improved with More Entry Points for Operator Mobility

March 22, 2016

Getting in and out of a platform boom basket just got easier.

Genie's new platform baskets now offer three entry points on an 8-ft basket, and two entry points on a 6-ft basket.

Genie's side swing gate gives you walk-in access to and from the basket while you are wearing a tool belt, carrying a tool box or needing to load materials in the platform. Sliding mid-rails, engineered into the front and sides of the platform, offer alternative entry and exit points to accommodate changing worksite conditions.

All basket entry points are specifically designed to let operators easily get in and out of the basket with tools, power equipment, and jobsite materials quickly and efficiently.

Genie offers the dual-entry basket in a 6-ft platform length for its compact booms and a tri-entry 8-ft platform length for its larger models. Genie's new baskets come with eight lanyard attachment points so operators can safely have the freedom to work anywhere on the platform.

The Tri-entry and Dual-entry baskets are compatible with any Genie boom that takes a six or eight foot basket. Of course, these baskets’ design meets industry expectations for a spacious, robust workspace and are made with all-steel materials that stand up to repeated use. Most Genie accessories and options, such as pipe and panel cradles, will work with the new baskets.

Genie will make their new tri-and dual entry boom baskets available globally this spring.

Source: Terex/Genie