Genie New Runabout Contractor

September 28, 2010

The new Genie® GRC-12 Runabout™ Contractor is designed for indoor construction sites where contractors are installing and repairing drywall, electrical, HVAC and more.

The steel platform on the GRC-12 comes standard with a slide-out extension deck that gives operators an extra 17.5 in of outreach. With a lift capacity of 500 lb and the slide-out extension deck, up to two operators on the GRC-12 can work to a height of 18 ft. This unit also has a narrow 2 ft 5.5 in width by 4 ft 5.75 in length profile, allowing the unit to fit in most passenger elevators and to be driven through doorways with an operator onboard.

"The GRC-12 is perfect to use on worksites where contractors need the capability of a scissor lift with the compact size of a Runabout," said Kim Williams, senior market analyst, Genie Industries. "Its design is modeled after our proven GR™-12 Runabout — lightweight and compact to easily fit in a freight elevator and use in space-restrictive areas. The features incorporated into the design of the GRC-12 make this machine ideal to use in low-floor load situations and high-rise construction projects."