Genie Adds Telematics Connector, Alarm to Boom Lifts

February 10, 2014

Genie has introduced a telematics-ready connector and protective alarm for its boom lifts.

The telematics-ready connector will enable telematics devices to be plugged into Genie boom lifts. The connector is now available on the Genie S-80 and Z-80 boom lifts and will be available on the S-100, S-120, and ZX-135 models by the end of the first quarter. The company will introduce the connector on machines with boom heights below 80 feet over the next year.

The Genie telematics-ready connector allows for the ability to work with multiple telematics systems. The connector can provide machine hour meter reporting, location, machine utilization and security abilities such as geo-fencing, alarms by movement or input and remote machine disabling. The Genie telematics-ready connector is factory-installed and is available in all global markets.

The company will also offer an operator protective alarm on its boom lifts. Lavendon Group plc's SkySiren system is designed to alert ground personnel when an operator makes contact with the platform control panel. The system interrupts boom movement, sounds an alarm and causes a light to flash.

Based on Lavendon’s SkySiren technology, the Genie Operator Protective Alarm (OPA) system can be retrofitted to any Genie articulating or telescopic boom lift manufactured after 2002. It is now available as an aftermarket option but will soon be offered as a factory-installed option.

The system is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to operators and features a pressure sensitive horizontal bar that is fitted at around waist height below the boom lift’s control panel. When pressure is placed on the bar, as may be the case if an operator makes contact with an overhead obstacle, the system is activated. The system also features a reset button that can be pressed if the system is inadvertently activated.

Genie will also continue to offer the Operator Protective Structure (OPS). Introduced in 2012, the Genie OPS may be attached to boom lifts with 6- to 8-foot platforms. The tubular steel structure is designed to transfer the kinetic energy into surrounding structures while maintaining a protected area for the operator. It weighs 36 pounds (16 kilograms) and is bolted directly on the boom lift’s platform; no modifications are needed and both systems may be used together.