Genesis Offers Excavator/Attachment Turnkey Package

September 28, 2010

Genesis purchases used excavators and provides a complete turnkey package with new and used attachments for its customers.

For customers who are looking for a pre-owned excavator-and-attachment combination, Genesis Equipment & Manufacturing will provide one. The company offers a service that basically does all the legwork to find a quality, used excavator complete with new or used Genesis products suited to a customer's needs. They also stock competitive shears and concrete processors.

"We actively seek out the best excavator values in the country," says Bruce Bacon, Genesis president. "Once found, they are brought to our facility in Superior, Wis., for a complete inspection, thorough servicing and cleaning, and then fitted with operator's cab guarding by our experienced excavator technicians."

Genesis makes it a complete turnkey package by performing necessary repairs, paint work, and hydraulic plumbing before installing the shear or other attachment. The company buys many different brands of excavators and stocks an inventory of attachments. The criteria used when purchasing machines varies by customer requests and needs.

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