GEI To Provide Engineering Services to MDC

Staff | September 28, 2010

GEI Consultants, Inc., of Woburn, MA, announced that the company has been chosen by the Metropolitan District (MDC) to provide geotechnical and environmental engineering services as part the MDC's Clean Water Project. The water quality of the Connecticut River is affected by sewer and storm water overflow each time it rains more than one-quarter of an inch — an average of 50 times each year. When this happens, area basements and streets experience flooding by untreated sewage and storm water runoff, creating a public health and safety issue. Working to mitigate these risks by separating combined sewers and increasing storage capacity and treatment to reduce overflows is the purpose of the Clean Water Project. GEI was selected to assist in geotechnical services associated with the design and construction of new sanitary sewers and interceptors, storm drains and tunnels on a program-wide basis for three years.