Gallery of Compact Wheel Loaders

September 28, 2010

Wacker Neuson

Articulated or All-Wheel Steering

Wacker compact wheel loader
Wacker recently introduced six compact wheel loaders to the North American market, four articulated-frame models and two all-wheel-steer models. The four articulated models (WL 18, WL 25, WL 30 and WL 50) have horsepower ratings from 25 to 75, and full-turn tip ratings from 1,640 to 5,608 pounds. The all-wheel-steer models (280 and 850) are, respectively, rated at 49 and 66 horsepower and have rated tipping capacities of 4,409 and 7,055 pounds with standard buckets.

Number of models: 6

New models: WL 18, WL 25, WL 30, WL 50, 280, 850

Product-line features: All Wacker loaders feature four-wheel, hydrostatic drive. The four articulated models feature a "side-tilting" operator's platform to facilitate access to the engine and hydraulic components.

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New, All-Wheel-Steer Models

Gehl compact wheel loader

Brand new for Gehl are the AWS36 and AWS46 compact wheel loaders, which feature an all-wheel-steering system that allows a tight turning radius, respectively, of 8 feet 4 inches and 9 feet 4 inches. These hydrostatic-drive machines are equipped with a hydraulic "quick hitch" and feature air conditioning as a standard item.

Number of models: 2

New models: AWS36, AWS46

Product-line features: Both of the new Gehl loaders use a four-cylinder, water-cooled Deutz diesel engine with net horsepower ratings, respectively, of 60 and 78. These hydrostatic-drive loaders are capable of speeds to 12.4 mph, and the front and rear differentials feature "45-percent" locking capability.

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Newly Designed Models Offer Many Enhancements

Caterpillar compact wheel loader

Caterpillar's five-model range of compact wheel loaders was recently enhanced with redesigned 906H and 908H models. These new machines feature a skid-steer-type coupler, differential lock, parallel-lift Z-bar loader linkage, transmission inching function and an oscillating chassis designed to improve traction and stability. Caterpillar's C3.4 diesel engine powers both, at 70 and 80 horsepower (net), respectively.

Number of models: 5

New models: 906H, 908H

Product-line features: Models in Caterpillar's compact-loader line range in net horsepower from 52 to 95 and feature two-speed hydrostatic drive systems. Dump clearance (full height at discharge) for these models ranges from 7.8 to 8.75 feet, and standard bucket sizes range from .78 to 1.8 cubic yards.

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409ZX Newest in JCB Range

JCB 409ZX compact wheel loader

The newest compact loader in JCB's range — the 75-horsepower 409ZX — is fitted with a lower, larger cab (compared with its predecessor model), and the new cab features increased glass area and wider doors. The hydrostatically driven 409ZX's standard bucket is rated at 1.3 cubic yards, and with optional pallet forks, the machine handles 5,500-pound loads. The 12,831-pound machine has an oscillating central pivot to enhance wheel-to-terrain contact.

Number of models: 3

New models: 406, 409ZX

Product-line features: The JCB compact-loader range also includes the 62-horsepower 406, with an operating weight of 11,204 pounds; and the 411HT, a 99-horsepower model that incorporates a high-torque (HT) linkage design.

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Differential Locks Front and Rear

Takeuchi compact wheel loader

A late-2006 exclusive agreement with Atlas Weyhausen allowed Takeuchi to add four compact wheel loaders to its product range. The four models (TW50, TW60, TW65 and TW80) range in horsepower from 51 to 73 and in operating weight from 8,700 to 12,700 pounds. The two smaller units are Perkins powered, and the two larger models use Deutz power.

Number of models: 4

Product-line features: Takeuchi loaders feature differential locks in both axles and use an oscillating articulation joint. A two-speed hydrostatic-drive system provides travel speeds in excess of 12 mph, and an inching pedal allows slow ground speeds at high engine speeds for attachment control.

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Wide Range of Choices

Komatsu compact wheel loader

Komatsu's compact-wheel-loader line ranges from the 29-horsepower, 6,040-pound WA30-5, to the 96-horsepower, 17,450-pound WA150. The two smallest models — the WA30-5 and WA50-3 — are four-wheel-drive, hydrostatically propelled units that use an oscillating rear axle. Models WA65-5, WA70-5, WA80- and WA100M-5 feature two-speed hydrostatic drive systems and limited-slip differentials in both axles. The WA150-5 features Komatsu's HST drive system.

Number of models: 7

Product-line features: An optional "creeper gear" system on selected models allows maximum hydraulic flow to attachments, while controlling ground speed at suitable rates. The WA150-5's hydrostatic drive system employs one pump and two motors for allowing the operator (using the machine's Variable Shift Control) to closely match machine performance to the application.

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Independent Articulation Oscillation Joint

Swinger compact wheel loader

Swinger, a division of NMC-Wollard,has completely redesigned its two compact-loader/tool-carrier models, the 1K and 2K. These machines have rated lift capacities of 1,500 and 2,500 pounds, respectively, and both use a Cummins four-cylinder diesel engine — a 48-horsepower (net) A2300 in the 1K and a 65-horsepower (net) B3.3 in the 2K. A gear-pump system delivers 17.3 gpm of hydraulic flow for steering and auxiliary equipment.

Number of models: 2

New models: 1K, 2K

Product line features: Swinger models use a hydraulic pump and a two-speed hydraulic motor to power a reduction gear case at the rear axle, which channels power to the front axle. Both axles use planetary reduction, and both models use an independent articulation/oscillation joint.

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More Power, Greater Strength, New Looks

Yanmar compact wheel loader

Both Yanmar compact wheel loaders, the V3-6 and the V4-6, havebeen extensively refined, compared with their "dash-5" predecessors. Equipped with I-Tier-4-compliant engines delivering 30.3 and 40.4 horsepower, respectively, these new loaders feature reinforced frames, thicker loader arms, increased lift capacity, and greater travel speed. Machine height also is significantly lower to facilitate overall maneuverability.

Number of models: 2

New models: V3-6, V4-6

Product-line features: In addition to refined styling and a new paint scheme, Yanmar's new loaders, with operating weights (respectively) of 7,154 and 8,411 pounds (with cab), feature an "automatic hydrostatic" drive system, four-wheel drive and wet multi-disc brakes.

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John Deere

Oscillating Stereo Steering

John Deere compact wheel loader

Deere's three compact wheel loader models — 244J, 304J and 344J — use John Deere PowerTech engines with net peak horsepower ratings of 64, 73 and 98, respectively. All three machines have a two-speed hydrostatic drive system that allows travel speeds to 18.6 mph. These models feature Z-bar loader linkage and can be fitted with an optional four-function, pressure-compensating hydraulic valve.

Number of models: 3

Product-line features: The hallmark feature of Deere's compact-wheel-loader range is Oscillating Stereo Steering, which combines the coordinated action of frame articulation with rear-axle steering. The system can deliver tight turns with minimal articulation — a beneficial capability, says Deere, when maneuvering with heavy loads.

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Optional Backhoe

Kubota compact wheel loader

Kubota's R420S and R520S compact wheel loaders, rated at 43 and 49 horsepower, respectively, feature a standard quick-coupler (mechanical on the R420S, hydraulic on the R520S) and can be fitted with an optional backhoe in lieu of the counterweight. Auxiliary hydraulics to the rear are standard.

Number of models: 2

Product-line features: Both Kubota loaders feature electric shuttle-shift, which allows on-the-go directional changes without clutching or braking, load-sensing transmissions, which automatically adjust torque and speed to load conditions, four-wheel drive, limited-slip front differential and rear-frame oscillation.

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Compact Power

700-Series New to Line

Compact Power compact wheel loader

Compact Power recently added three compact wheel loaders to its line of compact utility equipment. The new 26-horsepower 726DT uses a Daihatsu diesel engine, and the 32-horsepower 732DT and 49-horsepower 749DT use Yanmar diesels. These new loaders have operating capacities, respectively, of 1,124, 1,488 and 2,260 pounds.

Number of models: 3

New models: 726DT, 732DT, 749DT

Product-line features: Compact Power's new loaders feature hydrostatic drive systems, articluated-frame steering and four-wheel drive. These machines use telescopic boom arms and provide hinge-pin heights of 105, 117 and 146, respectively.

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Versa-Boom Linkage Adds Flexibility

Case compact wheel loader

The Case compact-wheel-loader line features Versa-Boom loader linkage, which is designed to provide parallel lift, along with enhanced reach and visibility to the bucket. The linkage allows the bucket to be nearly inverted for dragging material away from tight spots.

Number of models: 4

New models: 121E

Product-line features: Case compact wheel loaders feature a standard hydraulic skid-steer coupler, and the E-Series cab features single-lever loader control with integral directional-shift switch and transmission-speed button.

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Power Trac

Built to Handle Attachments

Power Trac compact wheel loader

According to Power Trac, each of the six compact-loader models in its range can be fitted with more than 30 attachments. Three of the six models (high-lift versions) have an available rear-mounted, removable backhoe that provides digging depths from 9.5 to 10.5 feet.

Number of models: 6

Product-line features: All Power Trac machines feature invertedZ-bar linkage, articulated-frame steering and four-wheel hydrostatic drive.

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Standard Hydraulic Coupler,Easy Maintenance

TCM compact wheel loader

The three Series-2 TCM compact wheel loaders, all powered by a Kubota diesel engine, feature hydrostatic drive, inboard wet-disc brakes and range in horsepower from 28.9 to 56. The standard hydraulic coupler, says the manufacturer, ac -cepts most skid-steer attachments.

Number of models: 3

Product-line features: TCM loaders feature special oil-integrated bushings in the loader linkage to extend greasing intervals, provide an automatic air-bleed for purging and priming the fuel system, and use side-by-side coolers for the radiator and hydraulic system.

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Extensive Compact Range

Terex compact wheel loader

The Terex line of compact wheel loaders includes seven models that range in horsepower from 50 to 102. All of the Terex loaders feature hydrostatic drive and parallel-lift loader linkage, except for model TXL 160-1, which uses a 4F/3R powershift transmission and Z-bar-type linkage. All hydrostatic-drive models use limited-slip differentials front and rear, with a rigid front axle and an oscillating rear axle.

Number of models: 7

New models: TL60, TL65, TL80, TL100, TL-120, TL160

Product-line features: Standard equipment for the two smallest hydrostatic-drive models is a universal skid-steer-type coupler, and an integrated hydraulic quick-mount hitch is standard for TL80, TL100 and TL120. The TL160 and TLX160-1 use pin-on buckets, but the hydraulic coupler is available for the TL160.

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All-Wheel Steer and Intelligent Drive

Mustang compact wheel loader

The four Mustang compact wheel loader models (ML28, ML48, ML48T and ML68) feature a four-wheel steering system and an "intelligent" hydrostatic drive system that automatically adjusts the machine's speed and pushing power to suit operating conditions.

Number of models: 4

Product-line features: The ML48T uses a telescopic loader linkage designed to provide extra lift height. Mustang units are fitted with a hydraulic "quick hitch," and an optional Skid-a-Tach adapter allows use of skid-steer attachments.

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Universal Coupler

Willmar Wrangler compact wheel loader

The 83-horsepower Willmar Wrangler 4550 uses a four-cylinder Deutz diesel engine and features a four-wheel-drive hydrostatic propel system. Rated operating load with the standard bucket is 2,450 pounds, and with forks, 1,575 pounds. Turning radius is 11 feet.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: The Wrangler 4550 uses a universal coupler and provides hydraulic flows up to 19 gpm from its heavy-duty piston-type pump.

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New DL160 Soon to Arrive

Doosan DL200 compact wheel loader

While the new Doosan DL200 shown here has more horsepower than our definition of "compact" allows, it reflects the same general refinement of a new, soon-to-arrive Doosan compact, the DL160. Preliminary specifications indicate an estimated net horsepower of perhaps 106 or 107 for the DL160, and an operating weight of around 17,500 pounds.

Number of models: 1

New models: DL160

Product-line features: The new DL-Series wheel loaders use Doosan diesel engines that feature a common-rail fuel system, four valves per cylinder, electronic control and enhanced torque characteristics. A refined, three-speed powershift transmission can be operated in a manual, automatic or semi-automatic mode, and limited-slip differentials are available for both axles. In addition, the operator's environment has been significantly refined, and serviceability is enhanced.

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Cummins Power and Powershift

Kawasaki compact wheel loader

Reflecting a design typical of larger wheel loaders, the Kawasaki 50ZV uses a 96-horsepower Cummins B4.5T diesel engine, single-stage torque converter, 3F/3R powershift transmission, and semi-floating-type axles with torque-proportioning differentials and inboard-mounted wet disc brakes. The 50ZV uses Z-bar loader linkage and two high-lift loader arms are available.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: The 50ZV features single-lever transmission control, and the transmission can be "declutched" by either brake pedal. Cab features include viscous isolation mounting, single-lever loader control and air-ride seat. Options include ride control and quick-attach coupler.

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All-Wheel or Skid-Steer Modes

Bobcat A300

Construction Equipment's Spec-Check includes the 81-horsepower Bobcat A300 in its compact wheel loader classification. This 8,673-pound machine allows the operator to select a steering mode, either all-wheel steer or skid-steer, depending on the application. The machine has a rated operating capacity of 3,000 pounds.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: The A300 uses a Kubota V3300-DI-Turbo diesel engine and a hydrostatic drive system that provides a 6.9-mph travel speed and a 4-mph inching mode. An optional two-speed system provides speed to 12 mph. Auxiliary flow for the A300 is 37 gpm.

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New Holland

Universal Link Design

New Holland compact wheel loader

New Holland's compact wheel loaders feature a new boom design that uses one lift cylinder and one bucket cylinder. Standard equipment includes a hydraulic quick-coupler that is "skid-steer-loader attachment compatible," except for buckets. Also standard is a third-function hydraulic valve.

Number of models: 2

Product-line features: The W50T and W80T use a two-speed hydrostatic-drive system that allows 12.4 mph, but an optional transmission for the W80T has a top speed of 21.7 mph. The hydraulic system employs two pumps, one for the implement and steering circuits, the second for the braking and hydraulic-fan circuits. Optional equipment includes ride control and anti-drop valve.

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Extensive Range of Small Machines

Multione compact wheel loader

Construction Equipment's Spec-Check identifies seven models in the MultiOne product range that qualify as compact wheel loaders. These models are classified as S-Series, SL-Series and GT-Series units. They range in horsepower from 30 to 50 and in operating weight from 2,156 to 3,520 pounds.

Number of models: 7

Product-line features: All MultiOne loaders use a four-wheel-drive hydrostatic propel system and are diesel powered, using Yanmar or Daihatsu engines, depending on model.

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Articulated or Swing Loaders

Coyote compact wheel loader

From Coyote's extensive product line, 11 of its articulated wheel-loader models and three of its swing-loader models qualify as "compacts" under our definition. The swing loaders are four-wheel-steer units (not articulated) and feature a loader mechanism (boom arms and bucket) that swings 90 degrees to either side of the machine to facilitate working in constricted spaces.

Number of models: 14

New models: C5C, C8, C10

Product-line features: All Coyote loaders are hydrostatically driven and use a hydraulic attachment coupler, which can be adapted to a universal type. Two of the Coyote articulated models (C18-4T and C20-4T) feature telescopic booms that reach to slightly above 13 feet.

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Choose from Loader-Linkage Designs

Volvo compact wheel loader

The two largest models in Volvo's six-model compact-wheel-loader range (L40B and L45B) feature the company's proprietary Torque-Parallel (TP) loader linkage, designed to combine parallel-lift with the breakout power of Z-bar systems. The two smallest models (L20B and L25B) use parallel linkage, and the two middle models (L30B Pro and L35B Pro) use Z-bar. Coupler systems allow using a variety of attachments.

Number of models: 6

Product-line features: Volvo compact loaders feature hydrostatic drive with 100-percent differential locks on both axles. All use a proprietary articulating/oscillating joint, and provide an inching brake pedal to control ground speed when operating hydraulic attachments at high engine speeds. A third-function hydraulic valve is standard.

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New Models Are "Xtreme"

Multitrac Xtreme compact wheel loader

MutiTrac's new Xtreme Series models (XT1400 and XT2400) replace models RT30DT and RT50DT. Operating weights for the new machines are 2,840 and 5,060 pounds, respectively.

Number of models: 2

Product-line features: The hydrostatic drive systems used for the new Xtreme Series models provide travel speeds of 8.5 and 13.8 mph, respectively. Both new machines use liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel engines, rated, respectively, at 35 and 50 horsepower. The telescopic boom arms on these units provide additional reach — 30 inches for the XT1400 and 41 inches for the XT2400.

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Z-Bar Linkage

Waldon compact wheel loader

The four models in the Waldon compact-loader range feature Z-bar loader linkage and a 2F/2R hydrostatic-drive system. The operating weights for these models (4500B, 5100, 6000C and 7000) range from 6,900 to 11,000 pounds, and horsepower ratings from 61 to 80. Diesel engines used in these models include a Continental for the 4500B, a Nissan Industrial for the 5100, and Cummins for the two largest models.

Number of models: 4

Product-line features: Manufactured in Fairview, Okla., since 1968, Waldon loaders provide bucket capacities of 0.55 to 1.25 cubic yards and bucket-hinge-pin heights from 111.3 to 133.0 inches.

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