Gallery of Backhoe Loaders

September 28, 2010

New Series Offers Upgrades 'Plus’

M Series 3 is the latest upgrade to the Case backhoe-loader legacy, offering five models ranging from 79 to 109 in net horsepower and from 14 feet 3 inches to the Extendahoe’s 20 feet 4 inches in dig depth. All models are powered by Tier 3, turbocharged Case Family IV engines, of which electronic versions with high-pressure common rail injection are found on the two Super M and two Super M+ models to improve cold starting and fuel efficiency. The new “Plus” models also have pressure-comp-ensated, load-sensing hydraulics for additional fuel efficiency.

Number of models: 5

New models: 580M Series 3, 580 Super M Series 3, 580 Super M+ Series 3, 590 Super M Series 3, 590 Super M+ Series 3

Product-line features: As part of Case’s Pro Control System, anti-rebound swing cushions the boom to minimize backhoe overswing, vibration and spillage. One-touch idle is a feature of Case’s optional pilot controls. Pressing the button a second time returns the engine to the previous rpm setting.

'Entry-Level’ Model Joins Family

The newest Komatsu backhoe loader, WB142-5 comes with flip-over outrigger pads and a suspension seat. According to Komatsu’s Jeff Aubrey, those are often upgrade options on other brands. While the footprint of the machine is smaller than the Komatsu WB146-5 and WB156-5 models, both of which are available in standard and PS (powershift) versions, the WB142-5’s operator platform is the same size.

Number of models: 5

New model: WB142-5

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Product-line features: A Komatsu design, the product family’s closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system provides high flow, breakout forces, control and fuel economy. With such machine design features as a cast front guard, front roof cutout and corner-mounted exhaust stack, the operator’s forward visibility is “unrivaled,” says the company.

Machines Make for a Smooth Operator

With the J-Series, John Deere provides all five of its backhoe loader models with a powershift transmission as standard, providing smooth clutch-free gear shifts for higher transport speed, greater hill climbing and faster acceleration. Cruise control improves operator comfort during roading applications, and a multi-plate clutch engagement allows for on-the-fly engagement of the mechanical front-wheel drive. A dial throttle, as found in excavators, further facilitates low-effort operation. At the backhoe end, a new top-hook, single-pin coupler provides faster attachment changes.

Number of models: 5

New models: 310J, 310SJ, 315SJ, 410J, 710J

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Product-line features: Available as options for the 310SJ and 410J backhoe loaders are Deere’s Total Machine Control (TMC) and TMC Tool Carrier. TMC features armrest-mounted joystick controls, three speed modes and, with an exclusive mini joystick, simultaneous loader and backhoe operation. For machines equipped with TMC, the tool carrier option provides electronic parallel lift, return-to-carry and boom height kick-out.

Control Systems Speed Up Cycle Times

The addition of new precession and servo control systems to full-sized backhoe loaders has reduced overall cycle time by 9 percent, says JCB. At the same time, increased bucket breakout force improves digging power. All models offer new Tier 3 engines featuring an intercooler, combining increased torque and intake air pre-cleaner to extend air filter life. Now with automatic hydraulic speed control, the JCB machines sense when full hydraulic flow or just low flow is required, conserving fuel.

Number of models: 8

New models: All upgraded

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Product-line features:The new JCB 3CX and 4CX backhoe loaders are available with a factory-fitted thumb on both the extra-dig and fixed dipper that work with the new standard JCB backhoe buckets. Newly-designed combination bi-directional circuits are available for all 3CX and 4CX models, offering variable flow of 6 to 32 gallons per minute to the bi-directional and 21.5 to 43 gallons per minute to the hammer circuit.

Boom Design Boosts Production 'Curve’

Among the design enhancements, New Holland’s six new B Series backhoe loaders feature curved booms and flip-up hoods. The curved boom lowers a machine’s transport height by 6 inches, and allows for greater digging forces and digging depths. With all daily maintenance check points accessible at ground level, the one-touch flip-up hood eases machine serviceability. Each model in the B Series is equipped with New Holland engines by FPT, entirely Tier-3 certified with claimed increased fuel economy and lower emissions.

Number of models: 6

New models: B90B, B95B, B95B TC, B95B LR, B110B, B115B

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Product-line features:A narrow backhoe boom is designed to provide New Holland operators with optimal visibility to the digging work area. At the front end, high loader bucket breakout forces ensure productivity. The use of high-capacity hydraulics boosts both digging and loading cycle times.

Increased Bucket Rotation Pays Off

With a bucket linkage design that allows operators to drive into a pile and roll back 45 degrees, then to dump at 57 degrees, Terex backhoe loaders capitalize on increased bucket rotation for added productivity, says product manager Tom Reith. All four models come standard with front counterweight for greater fore and aft stability. Stabilizer legs feature lock-out valves in the circuit, so they can remain down for added stability when the operator is working at 90 degrees. A flip-over stabilizer foot with rubber pads on one side is for street applications; two cleats on the other side suit soil work.

Number of models: 4

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Product-line features:Terex positions its TRAC rod steering system on the back side of the axle, mounting it high enough to maintain significant ground clearance. Each of the four Tier-3-updated backhoe loaders comes with four-wheel drive; the TX970B additionally has all-wheel steer.

AccuGrade Available on Backhoe Line

The newest addition to the Caterpillar backhoe-loader lineup, which grew to four models with the January 2007 introduction of the largest 450E model, is the availability of the AccuGrade Ready option on the 416E, 420E and 430E models. Caterpillar backhoe-loader owners can actually select from two options of the AccuGrade machine control and guidance system. The AccuGrade site reference system is an entry-level grade and depth check product allowing the operator to excavate to pre-determined coordinates.

Number of models: 4

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Product-line features: With the E-Series backhoe loaders, the variable-displacement piston pump and closed-center, load-sensing hydraulics provide quick implement response and high forces at any engine speed. The low E-Series hood enhances sightlines to the loader, and the hood tilts forward for easy access. The 420E and 430E are available with an integrated toolcarrier front linkage.

Machines Load Trucks Efficiently, Too

Powered by new Tier 3 Volvo engines, the BL60 and BL70 backhoe loaders burn only 1.5 to 2.75 gallons of fuel per hour, depending on model, application and operating technique, according to the company. The patented, self-adjusting Volvo Hydraulic Safeguard System combats machine overheating. A new front end with a lowered hood line provides improved visibility and styling. Options include bi-directional hydraulics for the backhoe, a stabilizer cylinder guard and Cyclonic engine pre-cleaner.

Number of models: 2

New models: Tier-3-certified BL60, BL70

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Product-line features:With more than 3 feet of forward loader reach, Volvo backhoe loaders can dump into the center of trucks while reducing or eliminating contact from the nose. A loader attachment bracket provides hydraulic connectivity and compatibility with tools used on various Volvo wheel loaders, from the model L40B up to the L120B.

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