Future-Proof Professional Grade UAVs

July 27, 2016

Lehmann Aviation in France has released its new L-A series line of drones with sleek, functional modular designs. The autopilot, wing and camera holder on each L-A series model can be exchanged to upgrade as future technology improves.

The aluminum, carbon fiber and EPP foam constructed UAVs have a range of 15.5 miles with 45 minutes of flight time and a long range data modem. Detachable winglets make the craft easier to transport.

The hand-launched, autonomous-landing drones have a wingspan of just under 4 feet and weigh up to 2.75 pounds with a load capacity of 44.10 ounces.

The L-A line uses a new version of Lehmann's OperationCenter software which is designed to run on Windows 10 touchscreen devices. The LA500-RTK model intended for high precision mapping supports cameras like the Sony α6000 with its large APS-C, 24.3-megapixel sensor, while the LA500-AG agricultural model boasts Parrot's multispectral Sequoia sensor for crop monitoring. The company says the UAV's survey accuracy is up to 1 centimeter.

Lehmann's new models will start delivery late this year.

No more flying electric spiders for you. For more information, fly here: