The Future of Drones to Allow More Construction and Commercial Use

January 17, 2019
Drone flying through the sky.

Federal regulators announced plans on Monday to change drone operating rules, which would allow individuals to fly UAVs over populated areas and at night, without needing a permit. According to NPR, these changes could allow for drones to be used to survey construction sites, among other uses.

The article reports that many drone operators complain that federal regulations haven’t “kept pace with the technology,” arguing the rules currently set are out of date.

“This will help communities reap the considerable economic benefits of this growing industry and help our country remain a global technology leader,” Elaine Chao, Transportation Secretary, said in a speech at a major transportation conference on Monday.

Regulators are currently developing regulations to address the possibility of public concern about drones regarding safety, security, and privacy. They also aim to protect against national security threats from outside drones.

The new rules must first be published in the federal registry in order to take effect, which may not happen until the government shutdown ends.

Source: NPR